Center comprehensive Auto Meres Picatto is equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows you to recover and recycle materials from vehicles, that translates into a significant use of resources and a considerable reduction of the environmental impact. Rigid control system available, avoid soil contamination by waste such as acids, oils, antifreeze, etc. The plant is divided into two zones:

Production area: characterized by waterproofed soils and tight use of boxes for the collection of accidental spills.

Logistics area: This area includes both the warehouse and offices. The soil of the lower floor of warehouse has been proofed.

Section dedicated to the reception of vehicles, registration of entry and issue of the certificate of destruction then, make the floor of the vehicle.
Area where we proceed to the removal of toxic liquids and solid pollutants ( batteries, oil, antifreeze, oil hydraulic, Valvoline changes and differential groups). Adjacent to this section is the room of waste where these are stored for later pickup by authorized managers.This room is also waterproofed and each tank or drum rests on a tight basis of LF of spills. Next to the boxes are non-toxic waste areas, used for the selective separation of non-reusable recyclable materials (plastics, metals, textiles, aluminum,etc.) storage and subsequent collection by specialized managers.
In this section the selective disposal of the vehicle takes place. Materials and parts that are reused and separation of the materials and parts that will be recycled. The plant has two boxes equipped with all the security systems necessary to mitigate any emergency or accident.

Section dedicated to the analysis of materials and reusable parts. The pieces that do not pass this check will be, well designed workshop for repair or reconstruction, well aimed at cutting for use in future repairs, either sent to authorised Manager.

Specific section for review, repair and reconstruction of parts. In this area the washing area is, composed of a large capacity equipped with a modern system of water recirculation and separation of both cold and hot oils industrial washing machine, and a laundry for booths, which includes its own hydrocarbon separator.

This section is dedicated to the classification and cataloging of parts through a computer system specifically designed to meet our necasidades and customers. Our store is divided into four levels to facilitate your storage according to origin, size and type.

Reception of customers, processing of orders, Administrative and environmental management, purchases and sales.


All processes are managed by a sophisticated computer system of comprehensive control, AUTOMERES PICATTO becoming more computerized warehouse of spare parts used in Europe.